Finland Trip

Yesterday,i have visited Finland with some of my friends. It was our first trip since we’ve arrived in Tallinn/Estonia. It just took 2 hours by Ferry to get Finland. The weather in Finland is quite similar to the weather in Estonia but of course Finland is colder. I mean, at least in my opinion. As soon as we arrived, we joined a sightseeing tour. I still don’t know even if it was necessary, because Helsinki is not a big city. Only thing you need is a map and a few hours.  If you are going to visit this city, i suggest you to bring some warm clothes… In Helsinki, our first destination was Seneta Square (there is a huge white building, i think it was a church, there was some kinda restoration that’s why i am not sure). In that square there are a lot of tourists from different countries (ofcourse most of them was chinese people, they love travelling af). There were 7 people in our group (6 Italians + 1 Turkish underlined 6 Italians because, when they were having conversations i was just looking around 😀 If you guys are reading this article next time, i beg you to speak english). Except the weather, our trip was really good, Finland has an unusually architecture, even their hospitals look like an artwork. If you have a chance to visit Helsinki, i assure you it’s worth.


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